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When choosing new colors for your home or office there are may concerns that can arise. The most common are:


My new colors don't match my furniture

I don't like the new colors

The colors dried differently than expected

My colors don’t look like the color cards

There are as many potential concerns as there are colors!

But the solution is simple. Kouletas Painting has a certified Color Consultant on staff. As a matter of fact it's Angelo Kouletas himself! Angelo  can personally provide and assist you in color selection and coordination, wall accent colors and or trim shades. If you need any help selecting colors for your interior or exterior painting, He can provide the assistance you need.

Kouletas Painting

Color consultations are exciting because it allows you to share your visions and dreams, with an expert who can tell you how the finished product will look.


Working with you and your preferences to recommend color designs that are sure to enhance the beauty and richness of your home, or office,  Angelo will generally spend about an hour with you. He will get to know you and your character and listen to your ideas .


The next step will be to look at color samples together and narrow down the options. Sample color swatches can be painted on your walls, so that you can allow them to dry and see how they will actually look when the job is complete.

Kouletas Painting
Kouletas Painting

Call Kouletas Painting  to schedule your Color Consultation at (201) 803-7891.

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